Our first album review!!

We’re feeling happy!!!

Mischa van Vlaardingen wrote a fantastic review of our album ‘In Bloom’ for Popunie.


“The originally Mexican, Surinamese, Dutch and Guinean band members know with their own perspectives to add a unique style to the already very rich West African music genre. Because of this I think they are actually better than their former examples Oumou Sangaré and Jungle By Night.”

” Le Matin shows well how beautiful strings and African percussion can duel. Kassikoun Intro and Kassikoun dare to dive a bit further into the musical possibilities of ambient, jazz and African soul. J’ai Oublié has become a favorite of mine by the fine guitar duels.
Or do I really like The Sea even more? No, then Saba in which cello and guitar go together so bizarrely. Sinte Konofe: Beautiful! The tension in Moondiani: Very beautiful!”

Read the review here!

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